Little known for its adventure sports, munsyari always attracts those tourists who love wild and adventure.
            Munsyari which is also called as "Himnagri" means its a "Place of Snow". The majestic view of panchachuli peaks in kumaon himalayas region has been a top most attraction from the past few decades. As compared to the other hill station munsyari is less known to the outer world but the possibilities of skiing and many other adventure sports are very high.
                 Well There are good resorts available at Munsyari and almost all of them offer adventure tours and treks to near by glaciers and hill base camps. There are local shops offering adventure gears on hire and can arrange all the tour programs for trekkers and mountaineers.
                                                                          खलिया टॉप 

अगर आप ट्रैकिंग के शौकीन है तो खलिया टॉप सबसे बढ़िया जगह है और यहाँ से पंचाचूली पर्वत माला का भी अद्भुत नज़ारा दिखाई देता है,और बुग्याल के मैदान का मनोरम नज़ारा दिखाई देता है । 
यहाँ आ के ऐसा लगता है की अगर धरती पर कहीं जन्नत है तो यही है ।

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